Car hire and rental in Cyprus

Many tourists and travellers say that cars in the Republic of Cyprus is a necessity, not a luxury. And they are absolutely right. All Cyprians, without exception, use cars.

Many tourists prefer travelling by car, and car hire is the perfect solution when your vacation is short and you want to see as much as possible but the public transport will not take you to all destinations of your choice. That is why car rental is well developed in Cyprus, and you can hire any vehicle on the island, from a compact car to a luxury convertible.

Since the Republic’s land area is small, one or two weeks of vacation with a car can be enough to explore it all.

Experienced tourists recommend pre-booking a hire car in Cyprus online because it can be challenging to find a suitable vehicle at local rental counters in high season.

Car rental in Cyprus gives you the ultimate driving experience. You’ll love the roads. Road surface and marking are perfect, and most traffic signs are in both Grek and English. Automobile traffic is disciplined. You can only be slightly bothered by the bikers who often speed and do not follow the rules. In all other respects, car hire in Cyprus is a wonderful experience.

What you need to rent a car in Cyprus

  • Driver’s license
  • ID or passport
  • Bank card

When booking a rental car in Cyprus, it would be a good idea to choose a vehicle with air conditioning (AC) system. The climate is hot on the island, especially in July and August.

Car rental using service


Car hire in Cyprus will be reliable and straightforward if you use service to rent your vehicle. You don't need to visit a rental counter in Cyprus in person. You book a car on our website online in advance. When pre-booking a car in Cyprus, you have the piece of mind knowing that you got the best deal.

The website is very user-friendly, and you can easily book a car even if you have never done it before. All the necessary information is at your fingertips:

  • Hover over the option you like. General information will be displayed, such as engine displacement, insurance, deposit, and delivery cost
  • Choose a suitable option and select the photo. Read the vehicle specifications and check the required optional services
  • Check the price calculation. You will not have to use your calculator and add 15% for unforeseen expenses. You’ll see your full and final price for car hire in Cyprus at once. If you are happy with everything, select “Book”
  • Choose when and where you will pick up and drop off your rental car in Cyprus. Please keep in mind that you are charged per day, so make sure the drop-off time is not after the pick-up time. Fill in the driver’s details. Select the “Request” or “Pay” button
  • When booking, you only make an advance payment of 15% of the total rental price. And you pay the remaining amount when you pick up your car
  • After the payment, you will receive an e-voucher with all the necessary details and phone numbers of the car hire company

That’s it, the rental agent with your hire car will be waiting for you at the place and time of your choice.

Car booking in Cyprus with is straightforward, even for those who do it for the first time.

Hire car insurance

The price usually includes Third-Party Liability Insurance (TPL).

Not always but rather often, the cost of car hire in Cyprus includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). It has the same limitations and exclusions and does not cover glass, tyres, and undercarriage.

Hire cars are offered in Cyprus with or without a deposit.

Insurance is invalid on the island if the driver operated the rental vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

There is one more case when car insurance is not valid.

The island of Cyprus is divided into two parts: the Greek part (the Republic of Cyprus) and the Turkish part (Northern Cyprus). If you rent a car at the Greek part of Cyprus, you are not allowed to drive it to the Turkish part of the island.

Features of traffic rules

Left-hand traffic in Cyprus is the key feature to be taken into account when you rent a car in Cyprus. Please bear it in mind when choosing a vehicle — automatic transmission may be more convenient. The remaining rules are practically the same as everywhere in Europe. Rental cars have red number plates in Cyprus, so local drivers will see you from far away and take your lack of experience into account.

Car hire in Cyprus will not challenge your skills, but will instead be a pleasant bonus to your trip.


Car rental always means worrying about parking. However, you will like car parking in Cyprus because it is cheaper than in other European states (around half a euro per hour). Like in any other country in the world, parking is more expensive in the downtowns of cities than in the suburbs.

From Saturday noon till Monday morning and on public holidays, you can you all parking facilities for free (please see information near or under the “P” sign).

Almost every church offers free parking lots to its visitors.

Filling stations

Car rental in Cyprus also means visiting fuel station. When you pick up your rental vehicle, the rental agent will tell you the required fuel type and how to refuel your car. Most fuel stations on the island are automated. Fuel prices are nearly the same at different filling stations, so there’s no point in looking for “cheap car fuel” in Cyprus.

Mobile service

You can buy a local SIM-card at any shopping centre, filling station or mobile carrier’s office. The mobile service is not expensive, but do not opt for the cheapest SIM-cards. Because you’ll pay extra money for services.