Car Rental in Batumi

Driveway to «Mestia - Ushguli - Lentekhi - Kutaisi» on rental car is strictly prohibited! Driveway to Tusheti, Omalo, Shatili regions is prohibited too.

What is worth seeing in Batumi and whether you need to rent a car

Until recently, it was accepted, almost officially, to add “sunny” when speaking about Batumi. This is the southernmost resort at the Black Sea, and it’s very sunny indeed, although it often rains here. Each year, Batumi is visited by approximately one and a half million tourists, and many of them use car rental service. Because you need a car here.

50 kilometres of beaches, clear water, lovely seafront along the entire resort, the seaport where you can take photos of ships. True skyscrapers. Capes in the vicinities of Batumi will inspire selfie lovers, while the renowned Batumi Botanical Garden (just a few kilometres from the city) will offer shade and rest.

To enjoy driving in the vicinities and take excellent photos, you should rent a car on our website and travel in comfort.

You can arrive in Batumi by plane (to a modern airport), by train or ship (if you like travelling by sea) and sign your rental agreement in the city. Or you can arrive from Tbilisi by hire car. It will take less than five hours (363km). A fantastic opportunity to explore a vast part of Georgia!

You’ll be given a very warm welcome and treated to local wine. If you happen to see a Georgian wedding and get an invitation, don’t be surprised. People feel happy and want to share their happiness with everybody around.

Car rental service is in high demand in Batumi because it’s the only way to see not only the Alphabetic Tower and “Ali and Nino”, but also everything else you wanted to see.

Driving in Batumi

Everybody drives like a dashing daredevil! Speeding, going through a red traffic light, and crossing a double line are a common occurrence. You can encounter a traffic jam in Batumi. In this case, you must watch out because local drivers usually don’t look into their mirrors and can scratch your hire car. Therefore, you’d better have good insurance.

Do you need to rent a car in Batumi? Make the most of our website. You’ll find the best car rental conditions here.

Features of traffic rules in Batumi

Local people drive in Batumi with a grain of amiable negligence. But guests should know the critical elements of traffic regulations in Georgia. Road police know their business.

Georgian traffic officers are great guys, they are instead drivers' friends than vice versa. You can ask the way, and they will answer politely. They can even help you change a flat tyre. One thing you must NEVER DO is to offer to pay the fine "without a ticket" because it will invariably result in a lawsuit.


Most parking spaces at seafront and old town are paid (blue sign). If you need to park your rental vehicle for a short time, you can “squeeze” into a free parking space, which can always be found.

Filling stations

We recommend to refuel your car at Lukoil and Rompetrol; SOCAR sells petrol of lower quality. In Batumi, you can refuel your vehicle without leaving it. Just tell the worker "which and how much", then pay in cash or by card — you'll be handed a mobile POS terminal right through the window. Refuelling your vehicle with gas is not cost-efficient.