Car Rental in Kutaisi

Driveway to «Mestia – Ushguli – Lentekhi – Kutaisi» on rental car is strictly prohibited! Driveway to Tusheti, Omalo, Shatili regions is prohibited too.

Why car hire in Kutaisi is in demand

Most tourists arriving in Georgian come to Kutaisi, one way or another. They either plan to go there at the outset to see local landmarks (and they are worth it) or visit this city on their way from Tbilisi to Batumi. But more often than not travellers arrive at Kutaisi International Airport. 

Another reason to rent a car in Kutaisi is that local buses do not run according to the timetable but instead based on occupancy, and the bus departs only after the last ticket has been sold. The next coach will arrive only by the time of the next scheduled run. Taxi may be another option, but taxi drivers like to haggle over the price, and if they see a family with a kid and many suitcases, they can easily raise the fare by 1.5 or even 2 times. It is not always possible to agree on the price with them. It will be cheaper to hire a vehicle.

Car rental at Kutaisi Airport

The airport is half an hour's drive away from the centre of Kutaisi. Batumi is just 2-2.5 hours away, and Tbilisi is 5 hours away, so many travellers choose car rental service on our website with delivery to the airport.

You have a wide choice of rental cars in Kutaisi, from economy to luxury vehicles. A child safety seat or even two (if needed) and navigation are also available on request.


Like in other parts of Georgia, there are paid parking areas designated with a blue "P" sign with the parking company's logo and parking rate of $1.6 per day in Kutaisi. However, some of the paid parking signs may not be clearly visible, and people park their cars thinking it's just a free bay. Then it turns out to be a paid parking lot. Luckily, the price of error in Kutaisi, and in all Georgia, is not too high and will result in a fine of about €5.

Features of traffic rules


When driving in the vicinities of Kutaisi, please keep in mind:

  • Local daredevils may overtake anywhere — on a corner, on a bridge, when it's dark and when it rains. They may not always use turning signals, so you should observe where the car in front of you is leaning.
  • Guests must observe the local traffic regulations. Locals may violate the rules because they know the locations of speed cameras and highway traffic regulation posts.
  • Local cows do not deny themselves the pleasure of lying on warm asphalt. Moreover, the road noise does not scare them, you have to honk the horn.

Mobile service in Georgia

The mobile communication network is available practically everywhere in the country. We advise that you buy a local SIM card for your stay in Georgia. Because roaming will cost way more. As for the documents, you’ll need only your passport.

Places that can be reached only by car

Kutaisi is not a large city with the population of 180 thousand people, but this is the right place to experience Georgia — you will find here no formidable skyscrapers as in Batumi and no hustle and bustle as in Tbilisi. Instead, here's the renowned marketplace where "you will find everything you need. If you don't find something, you don't need it."

If you want to visit truly fabulous, beautiful places unknown to the crowds of tourists, then you should talk to the local taxi drivers. They know the most scenic spots of their homeland, "secret" routes and sights that will take your breath away. And you can see all of those places if you hire a car in Kutaisi.

Basically, you'll need a hire car in Kutaisi to visit caves and canyons, Sataplia Strict Nature Reserve, and Gelati Monastery. By the way, buses do not run to many local landmarks. Therefore car rental is the only way to see Kinchkha Waterfall, Okatse Canyon, Martvili Canyon, etc. It is one hour of drive away, the asphalt road is in perfect condition, and there's a parking lot.