Car Rental in Tbilisi

Driveway to «Mestia – Ushguli – Lentekhi – Kutaisi» on rental car is strictly prohibited! Driveway to Tusheti, Omalo, Shatili regions is prohibited too.

You can have a choice in other cities, but car rental in Tbilisi is almost the only chance to enjoy exploring the city. Another option is to come by your own vehicle.

Car hire in Tbilisi is not a luxury but a dire necessity.

This is a city for drivers, not pedestrians. You can feel free only behind the wheel, in either your own vehicle or a hire car from our website. It’s not very comfortable to walk around the city. Sidewalks are blocked by all sorts of things.

People say that rental cars stand out in Georgia by respecting pedestrian rights.

You can request car delivery directly to Tbilisi Airport. When you arrive, the rental agent will meet you at the airport.

Driving a hire car in Tbilisi is like playing an awesome simulation video game — stunning graphics and local driving style keep you up. There are good roads to Kakheti, in Batumi, Georgian Military Road. Actually, all main roads are in good condition. You can come across unpaved sections between regions, but they are not longer than 10km.

You'll definitely want to visit Mtskheta, see the Samtavro Monastery (11th century), the Jvari Church, one of the most ancient churches in Georgia (6th century), drive to Gori. The best way to explore these sights is to use our "car rental in Tbilisi" service. In fact, there's no other possible way to explore them, if you don't have eternity to go to each of those places by bus and then, having not seen anything properly without having an opportunity to eat your lunch at a cafe, you hurry to the bus stop because your "bus is leaving".

Traffic and police

The city traffic is not very fast but rather heavy. Numerous traffic enforcement cameras detect motoring offences, including speeding and vehicles going through a red traffic light. They also monitor parking facilities, but we'll tell you more about it below.

Mobile service

To save on cellular service in Georgia, you'd better buy a local SIM card. International mobile roaming charges are rather high.

Local carriers offer special tourist packages. That is the most cost-efficient option.


If you rent a car in Tbilisi, you need to know the following about parking. Parking lots are paid but cheap (cheaper than fines). You can pay in three ways: via bank, using a payment kiosk or online from your phone.

You will recognise a parking space by a white dotted line on the asphalt, a blue “P” sign, and a C.T. Park logo. Some parking facilities in the city are private and should be paid separately. There’s a private parking facility at Tbilisi Airport.

What can result in your car getting towed

  • If you took a disabled parking space
  • If you parked your car at a “No parking” sign
  • If your parked car blocks traffic

To get your hire car back, you will have to pay about 60 lari (about €20) for towing and present your ID or passport and car documents.