Car rental in Greece

You’ll have more fun and comfort if you rent a car for your vacation.

A rental car can solve many problems during your stay in Greece. Beach recreation can be perfectly combined with the viewing of historical sites at your own pace. Greece is famous for its ancient buildings and structures. You'll be able to visit the three legs of the famous Poseidon's trident in Chalkidiki and see Skala Fourka. Driving along the coast of the Ionian Sea, you'll check out its beaches and visit picturesque places like Parga, Meteora, etc.

Car rental in Greece gives you the freedom to explore all the landmarks and make stops where you want without limitations of tourist routes or bus schedules.

Car rental in Greece

Car rental in Greece works well away from the central areas and in the islands with insufficient public transport. Moreover, travelling by hire car has an added value because it’s more interesting, more comfortable, and way more affordable than a guided tour.

Documents and insurance


Renting a car in Greece is effortless. A driver must be at least 25 years old and have driving experience of at least 3 years.

You’ll need:

  • Foreign passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Bankcard

You can use the insurance included in the rental cost. Generally, you’ll be offered Third-Party Liability Insurance (TPL) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) in Greece.

Three ways to rent a car in Greece: pros and cons

It’s not difficult to rent a car in Greece. You’ll find a lot of car rental companies there.

International car rental companies

Pros: availability of online car booking, standardised settlement of force majeure situations, presence in every city.

Cons: high prices for car hire and additional services, complicated website structure, information on rental conditions and rates can be concealed.

Local car rental companies

Pros: presence in most cities and towns, affordable services, very friendly agents who can look the other way if the driver is slightly under 25 years old. Car hire at local companies can be very cheap and even offered without a deposit.

Cons: small choice of vehicles, necessity to choose at the rental counter, the absence of customer support, the language barrier that can prevent you from understanding the essential terms and conditions of the agreement because some agents do not speak English.

Car hire from a local rent-a-car company on our website

Pros: booking a hire car from local rental companies in advance online, transparent pricing, wide choice, user-friendly website, customer support for all our questions.

Cons: no price negotiation with the rental company, no cancellation fees if you cancel your car booking at least 7 days before the start of the rental period.

Filling stations

In Greece, fuel stations are generally located in cities and towns. You’ll not see many of them on highways. However, there’s always a town or city nearby, so you’ll never run out of petrol.

On highways, fuel prices are higher by 15-20 euro cents per litre than at the rest of filling stations. And fuel stations near shopping centres of the cheapest petrol of guaranteed quality.

Parking in Greece

You'll undoubtedly face a parking problem in cities of Greece. Traffic police ensure that drivers park their vehicles only at proper places.

Parking spaces are marked in colour in Greece. Notably, the colour marking in Athens is different from the rest of the country.

Traffic rules and fines

If you decide to rent a car in Greece, you'll need to learn local traffic regulations.

Traffic police do not like drink-driving a lot. Drunk drivers are issued a fine up to €2,000 and banned from driving.

Quality of roads

Roads may be narrow here and there, but they have an excellent surface, and the traffic police control is not very strict. There are only six toll roads in Greece.

And they are easy to use. Approaching the toll road, you’ll see a “Diodia” sign followed by a toll gate. You drive to the toll booth and pay €2-4, then the operator gives you a ticket and opens the gate.

Driving a convertible

It's scorching in summer here so you can make your lifelong dream come true and drive a convertible. You can rent a convertible for a day or two and visit the most beautiful places, then it will not cost you as much as when you hire it for the whole period of your stay, but you'll have a wonderful experience.

Car rental in Greece on our website is your chance to make your lifelong dream come true.