Car Hire in Kallithea (Chalkidiki)

Chalkidiki is a splendid place where every mountain is associated with a legend or myth. The well-known Kassandra Peninsula, a tourist pilgrimage destination, turns out to be rock Athena threw at the Titan called Engelados. Every place here has its story! Unfortunately, comfortable bus routes do not cover all the places of interest, and guided tours are expensive and start off early, e.g. the sightseeing tour to Meteora starts off at 5am. It's much more fun to hire a vehicle and go places yourself.

You'll never lose way here, even without navigation. Whenever you see a brown sign, there's a landmark ahead. Discover your Greece with little-known taverns, half empty beaches of Sithonia (also known as Longos), and the road running through Mount Olympus.

Car rental at the hotel

The easiest way is to rent a car right at your hotel. You don’t need to look for anyone, there’s a rental agent at the reception desk. Even if there’s no rental agent, the hotel managers will arrange a hire car on your first demand.

The good news is your vehicle will be delivered to the hotel at the arranged time. And you can rent a car even at night. After the journey, you just leave the keys at the reception desk.

The bad news is this service is considerably more expensive. You can hire a vehicle 15-25% cheaper if you go out of your hotel and find a rental counter.

Hiring a car on your own

Car rental service is in high demand, and you can see the offers of local rent-a-car companies everywhere — at the airport, at the seaport (no doubt), in the districts where the tourist action is, and in the main streets of cities, towns, and even large villages.

You can find car rental agents online, on thematic forums.