Car Hire in Athens

Greece, the country of ancient monuments and modern cities, and its bright, colourful capital — Athens — are at their best when viewed from behind the steering wheel of your car.

Why is car rental service so popular among the visitors of Greece? There are several reasons for this:

  1. The signs in Athens Metro are often in Greek only, and it’s easy to lose your bearings.
  2. The bus tours cost €16 per person and will take you only to the main sights strictly following the route you can’t deviate from.

The car will help you see the city of Athens as Greeks see it, with the freedom to visit the places you want to see.

Having a vehicle, you can easily drive to the Monastiraki Square and put your purchases to the trunk. Then you can have a bite at one of the bakeries, see the fountain at Syntagma Square, Iliou Melathron (Numismatic Museum of Athens), and Old Royal Palace, drive to the Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

If you stay in Athens or the suburbs, the vehicle is of vital importance to you because the best beaches are located 20km from the capital.

Necessary documents and car insurance

If you are over 25 with driving experience over 3 years, you can choose any car in Greece. If you are slightly under the above figures, please contact the manages of our website, and they will help you choose the right vehicle.

Required documents:

  • Foreign passport
  • Category “B” driving license
  • Bankcard

Third-Party Liability Insurance (TPL) is included in the car rental cost in Greece. Many vehicles also come with the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).

All insurance types require a deposit (franchise). This amount limits the renter’s liability for damages to the vehicle. If the cost of damages exceeds the above amount, the deposit will be covered by the insurance company.

Car rental at Athens airport

You can get your hire car directly at Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. When you arrive, the rent-a-car company agent will meet you, sign an agreement, and give you the vehicle. Just a few formalities, and in 15-20 minutes you’ll be able to start your own journey around Greece.

Benefits of booking on our website


You can quickly and safely book a car online on our website.

We offer:

  • Car rental at affordable prices of local rental companies
  • Transparent pricing policy with the complete cost calculation available on the car booking page
  • Rental car delivery to Athens or airport by the time of your arrival.

Driving in Athens

In terms of architecture, the capital of Greece is a rather absurd city. It looks like LEGO bricks scattered among the hills, but all the signs leading to the tourist attractions are in both Greek and English, and people will readily answer how to get to where you are going (they speak English). Take a free map from a “FREE” stand that you can find at any place of interest, and you will never lose your way.

It's not very difficult to drive around the city. Heavy traffic, the minimum distance between cars, and omnipresent bikers are, perhaps, the only things that will bug you on the road. Apart from that, the road surface quality is next to perfect, roads are clearly marked, drivers follow traffic rules, and police officers are polite and friendly.

Please read the local traffic rules before driving.


All parking spaces are always marked with a “P” sign. The on-street parking spaces are marked in white. Don’t park your car in a “blue” or “yellow” zone. The parking areas are usually time-limited to 3 hours and cost from €0.5 to €6. You can buy parking meter cards at any kiosk to pay for your parking.

The underground parking spaces are located near markets and places of interest. You will find a parking attendant who will answer all your questions. It costs €25 per day.

The park and ride facilities are located near metro stations. These are paid secure facilities where you can almost always find an available parking lot. They cost half the price of underground parking.

Filling stations

There are many fuel stations, and you will always find an attendant there. Just say what type of fuel and for how much (in euro) you need, and the attendant will take care of the rest.

Mobile service

The mobile service is excellent. There are three providers: Cosmote, Vodafone, and Wind. Which to choose? There's no difference regarding coverage or rates. However, for some reason, the Greeks prefer Cosmote or Vodafone. So, if you need a card to call local people, choose one of the first two mobile service providers to save on local calls.